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All You Need To Know About Bringing An ESA Home - Complete Guide 2021

An emotional support animal is not an ordinary pet. It is an animal that is particularly kept by individuals who are suffering from some kind of emotional breakdown. The purpose of an esa is to make sure that the sufferer does not feel alone, sad, or depressed. 

An esa is not particularly trained for this purpose. But it is important that an emotional support animal is well-mannered and obedient. To get an ESA, the foremost step is to get a legit ESA letter. This letter makes the esa owner eligible for many rights under the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA). 

If you have legally certified an animal as an esa, the regular rules and policies regarding pets do not apply to you and your ESA. It is very important for ESA owners to understand the rules for ESA so that they can take full advantage of those rules. 

There are certain other things that you must know and take care of before you bring in your calico cat ESA.




  • Esa Letter For Housing 


As mentioned above that the first thing required for an ESA is the official letter. When you plan to move in with your ESA, it is only possible when you have a legit ESA letter for housing in your hand. 

This letter will clear all the hurdles regarding your pet moving in with you in your residency. You can easily get this letter from your mental health specialist. If you are actually eligible for an esa, your mental health specialist will write this letter to you without any issues. 



  • Your eligibility for a “no pet” housing


In case you have decided to get a dog as your support animal and you have an authentic emotional support dog certification, you and your burmese cat esa are eligible for a “no pet” housing society. 

No matter if a building completely prohibits pets, the landlord will make accommodations for your esa by hook or crook. Also, the landlord will not be able to deny any of your demands regarding you and your esa. 

Remember, that you also do not need to pay any extra charges or rent to your landlord just because you are bringing in your ESA. 

It is also wise to carefully plan and consider how to approach your landlord with an ESA request. Even though a landlord may be legally obligated to accommodate an ESA, you still want to be on good terms with them and be cooperative in working through any issues that come up.



  • Make sure your ESA is well-mannered


Being an ESA owner you should understand that the Fair Housing Act is protecting you and your bullmastiff ESA. But in case any violations are made from your side, the FHA will not be able to protect you and your landlord will be eligible to deny your support animal letter.

For example, the landlord can deny your esa letter if your emotional support animal is a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals. The request for the ESA will also get denied if your ESA has caused physical damage to the property of others.

Although emotional support animals do not need to be trained for a specific purpose it is very important for it to be well-mannered and obedient. Your ESA should at least understand some of your basic commands.



  • Get rid of hazardous objects


No matter what kind of pet you bring in, it is very natural that the pet will roam around your house out of curiosity. It will try to explore your house and would continuously do it for a very long time. 

Especially, when it comes to puppies are dogs, they are way too much curious and love to explore things around the house. Some of you may find this very cute but in fact, this can be very dangerous for your pet. There is always a chance that your pet may choke, get poisoned, electrocuted, etc. 

This is why, before you bring in your pet, make sure that you get rid of all the hazardous and dangerous objects such as electrical cords and small hard objects like marbles.



  • Decide A Potty Spot


Potty training your emotional support animal is very important. This is something that affects you and your surroundings directly. It is very essential that you train your esa on this. 

In case you have a dog as an esa, you do not need to worry much as dogs are naturally very intelligent species. They get along with the situations real quick. This is why you do not need to make a lot of effort in this regard. Once you direct them to their specific potty spot, they will remember it and you will not have to face any accidents. 



  • Know your rights as an ESA owner


The Fair Housing Act came into being when it was observed that the landlords and building owners were discriminating against the tenants with pets and emotional support animals. As soon as FHA came into being, renters with ESAs were protected and got all the rights they deserved. 

Being an esa owner, if you want to avail of all the legal rights, you must have a legit emotional support letter for your pet animal. Fair Housing rules only apply when you have a legit esa letter. Once you have a legit letter, you must research well and know all your legal rights regarding your cat breeds esa.  


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